Air Conditioning

Make your home more comfortable with an air conditioning system

Modern air conditioning units heat as well as cool therefore will create a comfortable environment in your home, whatever the weather.


Air conditioning are more energy efficient that you might think, costing from as little as around 12p per hour to run.


They also use up to 75% less energy than other forms of heating making them a convenient, energy efficient heating and cooling solution for your home.

Air conditioning units are no longer generic white boxes. Many manufacturers now offer stylish options to fit with your home.

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Air conditioning systems at home make for healthier spaces, particularly for asthma and allergy sufferers.  They improving air quality and also make your home more comfortable by reducing the humidity and moisture levels, especially during the spring and summer months.


By combining an impressively low power consumption with quiet yet powerful performance, and an aesthetically appealing designs, our team will supply, install and maintain your heating and cooling systems.

Join the growing number of people who are making their homes more comfortable with an air conditioning system.

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Heating & Cooling for Homes

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Used with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels will further reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment.

Our team of experienced engineers offer tailor made air conditioning solutions for homes across the South West of England, including Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

Air conditioning is an excellent choice for adding efficient heating to rooms such as conservatories, making them more usable all year round. They are also ideal for cooling rooms such as bedrooms, giving you a better nights sleep during those hotter periods.

The principle of air conditioning is to absorb energy in one place and release it in another place.

The process requires an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and copper piping to connect both.


Refrigerant absorbs energy in one unit and flows through the piping to the other unit where  the energy is released as either hot or cool air in a vapor compression cycle.

Indoor unit
A fan blows the hot indoor air over a coil in the heat exchanger through which cold refrigerant flows.

The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and cooled air is blown into the room.

Copper piping
The refrigerant circulates through the units and the piping and takes the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.


Outdoor unit
Through compression, the refrigerant gas is heated and its boiling point increases.

In the outdoor unit the obtained heat through compression is released to the outdoor air by means of a fan which blows the outdoor air over a heat exchanging coil.


The liquid refrigerant flows back to the indoor unit.


Indoor unit
The refrigerant is decompressed and thus enabled to extract heat form the indoor air.

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