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Solar PV

Make the most of your roof space and save up to 65%
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Almost a million homes in the UK have switched to solar panels to generate power from the free, green energy generated by the sun. 


Neutral Energy Solutions specialise in domestic Solar PV installations, maintenance and repairs across the South West of England.


From our offices in Exeter, Devon our team of certified engineers and support staff are committed to providing affordable, high quality solar PV systems . 

Solar panels are available at more cost competitive prices than before and with the improvement in technology, now has never been a better time to save on increasing energy costs whilst reducing your impact on the environment. 


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Our quotes are completely free with no obligations. At Neutral Energy Solutions, we will carry out a site visit and go through the installation with you in detail so you can decide if solar panels are right for you.

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How Does Solar PV Work

Domestic Solar Panel Install

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which turn sunlight into electricity.

This electricity is then fed into the mains electricity supply. and used to power appliances.

Despite their name, solar panels don't need direct sunlight - they also work in cloudy or overcast weather, although the generating capacity of the panels diminishes by approximately 50% in comparison to direct sunlight, 


What if more electricity is generated than needed?

Electricity generated through the solar pv system which is not used ,will be sent to the national grid but you can join your suppliers Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Scheme to be paid for what goes back to the grid.

What if the electricity generated isn't enough?

Any electricity you consume which is in excess of what your panels are producing will be sourced from the grid.

Solar Battery Storage

Typically, the majority of the energy generated by your solar panel system will be exported to the grid - If you are only using 50% then you will be exporting 50%.

Instead of sending surplus energy to the grid, a solar battery storage system is a fantastic way to keep all of the free energy your solar PV system generates by allowing you to store if for use at a later time - such as at night, lessening your consumption of energy from the national grid. 

With the average electricity import price now at between 11p - 20p/kWh it makes sense to use as much free solar-generated electricity as possible.

Solar Battery storage can be installed with a new solar PV system and it is also possible to retro-fit to an existing system.

The cost will vary depending on the size of the battery system and the technology used.


At Neutral Energy Solutions,  will will assess your requirements and provide a quote. Contact us today for more information on solar battery storage systems.

Smart Export Guarantee


The SEG was introduced in January 2020 to replace the Feed-In Tariff so that instead of the government subsidising solar panel installations, energy suppliers now have a legal obligation to pay their customers for any surplus energy generated from their solar pv.

The SEG is monitored using a smart meter to provide your energy supplier details of how much energy you’ve imported and exported to the grid. They will then multiply the total units exported by whichever SEG rate they are offering and pay you this amount.

Energy companies are able to set their own SEG rates so it is advisable to shop around and find the best deal.

Once you have decided, you will need to contact your preferred energy supplier directly as soon as your solar panels have been installed.

Data source – Solar Guide – – the table is kept updated with changes, so check back regularly for any changes.

Make your home more self-sufficient with a battery storage system