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Heat Pumps

Reduce your energy bills with a cost effective, renewable heating system


Heat pumps are a very efficient renewable energy solution that require minimal maintenance.


They take heat from the air (air source/ASHP) or from the ground (ground source/GSHP) and use this energy to heat your property.

Heat pumps provide a low cost heating system which is supported by the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) and are suitable for many domestic properties from flats to large detached houses.


Heat pumps work much more efficiently at a lower temperatures than a standard boiler system.


They perform better with underfloor heating systems, although they can be retro-fitted to existing radiators if they are sized correctly.

Neutral Energy Solutions have a skilled and experienced team who will design and install a system based on your individual needs to give you the best possible sustainable, renewable energy solution.

Heat Pumps are a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to provide a low-cost heating system whilst doing their part for the environment.

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Air Source Heat Pumps


Air Source Heat pumps emit up to 65% less carbon that a traditional gas heating system making it an ideal option for a clean energy solution.

They are suitable for a range of properties including those with limited outside space.

Air Source Heat Pumps are easy to install and high temperature ASAP are ideal for older properties.

Air source heat pumps take in air from outside, compressing it into a gas which is then used to heat your home.

Air source heat pumps can be combined with other renewable technologies such as solar panels to further reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.


Air source heat pumps take air in from the outside


Heat is then sent to the radiators/underfloor heating - the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder.


Using electricity, the pump compresses the air and releases it at a higher temperature.


Stored water can be used for hot water demand from taps and showers.

Heating and hot water account for over half of all energy consumed by the average UK home.

At Neutral Energy Solutions, we are committed to providing solutions to meet your needs and your budget.

Our skilled and experienced team are available to discuss how a heat pump can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint..

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps (gshp) require plenty of outside space and are more expensive to install than the air source heat pump due to the amount of work involved.


Once installed, gshp's require little maintenance and are beneficial in lowering a buildings carbon footprint and fuel bills.

Ground source heat pumps work by extracting the free heat from the ground to generate heating and hot water, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.


The systems works by using a pump to circulate a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of pipe, called a ground loop.


Low grade heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid and then passes through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating and hot water in your home.

The fluid is then pumped back into the ground to reabsorb heat before being pumped back through the system in a continuous cycle.


The ground stays at a fairly constant temperature under the surface, so the heat pump can be used throughout the year.

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Reduce your energy bills with a clean energy heating system