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Why Choose A Heat Pump?

You’ve probably heard the words ‘heat pump’ in the media a lot more than usual, so if you’re wondering why you should choose a heat pump then we hope this article will help!

A heat pump is a renewable heating source which replaces a traditional boiler (often gas, or oil). A heat pump runs on electricity and extracts energy from either the ground or the air, and uses a compressor to compress this energy into a gas which in turn is used to fuel the heating and hot water system within a building. It is renewable because for every kilowatt of electricity the heat pump consumes, it can produce up to 4 kilowatts of heating capacity, making it an excellent method of servicing a building. Some boilers have efficiencies of up to 90%, so as you can see, heat pumps are significantly more efficient.

As part of the Net Zero by 2050 government movement, there will be a ban on the installation of gas boilers into new build developments; air source heat pumps provide a good alternative method of heating and will also improve the buildings SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating as well as conforming to carbon compliance, which is often crucial for planning permission. Choosing a heat pump over a system using a traditional fossil fuel (such as oil, or gas) means you are heating your building without releasing emissions and without contributing to global warming.

Due to the renewable nature of heat pumps, they have the potential to save you money on running costs; when compared to direct electric, you could save up to two thirds on your heating bill. Heat pumps are at their most efficient and save the most money in buildings that are well insulated and are paired perfectly with underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating runs at a lower flow (supply) temperature than traditional radiators which is why it is the perfect partner for heat pumps; that being said, a well-designed system will still work superbly with radiators.

There are government grants available for the purchasing of heat pumps; the current grant, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is set to close to new applicants at the end of March but there is a new scheme, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) set to launch in April. This offers eligible applicants a voucher of £5000 for air source heat pumps or £6000 for ground source heat pumps which can be redeemed with an MCS certified installer.

So to recap, you should choose a heat pump because:

  • It’s a source of renewable energy

  • Gas boilers are to be banned

  • Improves SAP rating

  • Reduces your carbon footprint

  • Can save on running costs

  • Works with underfloor heating or radiators

  • Government grants available

We produce a bespoke design for each project, so please get in touch for your custom, no obligation quotation and start reaping the benefits of choosing a heat pump.

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