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Generating Renewable Energy in the Winter

Winter can be difficult with the chilly weather and the increased utility bills. It can be stressful for many households and businesses, but educating family members and colleagues about conserving energy can make a huge difference. Most of us take energy for granted and don't realise its effects on our climate.

If we can produce more clean energy, we can reduce the importation and burning of gas.

Solar panels work all year round, whether it's raining or cloudy. However, solar produces less energy during the winter because there are shorter days, meaning fewer daylight hours. Solar panels work on the cloudiest of days. However, the light is less powerful, but your solar panels will still work. In fact, rain can wash away any dirt or dust which may block sunlight. At Neutral Energy Solutions, we assist with every step of solar installations, including aftercare maintenance.

Most UK homes use more energy when there are fewer hours of daylight, so this generally means that solar panels generate less electricity. However, there are ways around this issue. Adding a solar system to your solar panels will effectively allow you to store unused electricity for later, but there are other benefits, like charging your vehicle overnight or powering your home during nighttime.

When you rely solely on the grid for your energy needs, you are subject to the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels, which often increase during the winter due to higher demand. Investing in solar energy can reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources and protect yourself from rising energy costs. Investing in solar will make you less reliant on the grid.

We've spoken a lot about solar, but what about low-carbon heating systems, such as, air-source heat pumps?

Air Source heat pumps work the same year-round by collecting air from outside, which is compressed, heated and transferred to the home. The low-carbon heating system uses air, to generate heat and hot water for homes and businesses. Instead of buying a space heater, make sure you have thought well about your options that could be more energy-efficient and can save you more money in the long run.

Heat pumps are cost-effective, low-carbon and eco-friendly. At Neutral Energy Solutions, we can install ground source heat pumps, which are effective during the winter months because it's buried into the ground, which has a constant supply of warmth because the piping is buried at a certain depth.

Recently, the government has increased the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to £7,500, meaning we can give more affordable installations to homes and businesses across Exeter, Devon. We are MCS-certified installers, so we're able to carry out this affordable installation for commercial and residential settings.

Get in touch with our heating specialists today for a consultation on your business or home.

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