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How Businesses Can Reduce its Emissions

We are in a climate crisis, and thinking of ways your business can reduce its emissions is massively important. There are a vast amount of steps companies can take to reduce their impact. Throughout this blog, we will look at the different types of scopes involving carbon emissions.

The scopes are used to measure and look at a company's greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to understand where emissions are produced first, and this is why three individual scopes have been set up to investigate.

These scopes look at the emissions a company creates on its own, suppliers and customers. Let's explore the different terms.

Scope 1 Emissions:

Scope 1 involves sources that a company controls or owns. An example of this is burning fuel in a company van.

Scope 2 Emissions:

Scope 2 is emissions that a business sources indirectly. For example, this would be emissions that are produced within a building. This can be from gas boilers where emissions are caused by generating electricity.

Scope 3 Emissions:

Scope 3 is emissions that a company itself does not produce. However, products a company buys, uses and disposes from suppliers. An example of this may be materials like water supplies that we use and dispose of.

As a business, you should explore your options to cut your emissions, and choose a reliable supplier that reduces their emissions. Scope 3 usually produces the most emissions and is the most difficult to reduce. However, as a company, you can make a difference by doing your part, whether buying eco-friendly products, such as, steel bottles or installing solar PV, which comes into scope two or investing in an electric vehicle, which would reduce the scope one emissions.

How Neutral Energy Solutions Reduce its Emissions

  1. All of our waste goes to a local recycling waste collection service located two minutes from us; this reduces our carbon footprint and supports a local company.

  2. We have a 'no-plastic bottle rule' within our building, as we believe everyone should reduce their plastic waste, considering it's a huge problem right now.

  3. Our building has a solar system, reducing our emissions and environmental impact.

  4. We only have environmentally friendly vehicles, which have been modified to reduce their emissions, and we've also got an electric vehicle, which runs solely on electricity from our solar PV.

As a business owner, it's important to do all you can to reduce your emissions. Our actions can lead to awful consequences, so it's important to do all we can to reduce the effects of climate change.

At Neutral Energy Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping companies across the Southwest reduce their energy consumption and emissions.

Get in touch with us today to find the perfect solar PV system or heat pump for your business.

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