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How to Save Money With Solar PV

It's essential to consider your electricity usage within your business or household. Still, your savings depend on your system size, the electricity you use and whether you're at home during the day to use that energy.

Solar panels can be installed on either your house or garage; however, at Neutral Energy Solutions, we will recommend ways you can make the most out of your solar panels. Usually, we recommend solar panels to face the south side of your property and to be tilted around 35 degrees so you can get as much sunlight as possible.

So, how can you save money using solar PV?

There are two tariffs to consider:

Export Tariff: This tariff allows you to be paid for the power you don't use by exporting it back to the grid. Kw usually calculates it.

Generation Tariff: This tariff allows you to be paid by your energy supplier for each Kw of electricity you use. However, this depends on the energy efficiency of the home.

Solar panels cost an average of £5,500. The money you save each year on solar makes it really cost-effective because you're receiving that money back from your installation. Having solar panels installed can also increase your home value, as we're in a time where climate change is an issue and having solar panels installed on your home or business can improve the environment we live in, which attracts new homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar panels are perfect for families or couples who work from home a lot and use a massive amount of electricity.

Overall, it depends on how much electricity you use, and the system you have on your property. However, an average home in the UK will typically spend £6,000 to £8,000 on a system, and let's say this system is 4kW. You can expect to see savings of around £180 to £600 annually on electricity bills.

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