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Huge Solar Farm Close to Exeter Gets Approved!

The solar farm is set to be built in the beautiful countryside at Marsh Green near Exeter.

Originally the 60,000 solar panel farm was rejected for permission by East Devon District Council in December. The site at Marsh Green is believed to have supplied energy for up to 18,500 homes, but campaigners expressed a lot of uncertainty about this.

The solar in Exeter will take up 29 hectares and produce 30MW of renewable energy. The solar farm is believed to deliver green infrastructure that will meet more of East Devon's goals of reducing carbon footprint and climate change effects by implementing more renewable electricity.

The developers have said the solar site would be the same as removing 1,600 petrol cars off Devon's roads for a whole year.

Work is set to commence in 2024.

Solar farms are an excellent way to generate a large amount of electricity without emitting any harmful substances. Instead, they provide free clean energy to households and businesses, and they are an excellent way to reduce utility costs.

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