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Key Considerations Before Installing Solar PV at Home

So, you've decided to install solar PV at home? Well, you may want to consider these key considerations before you do.

1. Roof Space: It is important to analyse your existing roof space as it determines how many solar panels you can install. A larger solar system will produce a greater energy production, which means you'll get more for your money's worth!

2. Your Energy Goals: What do you actually want to achieve with solar? Do you want to reduce your energy costs, or perhaps you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint by creating an eco-friendly home? You need to make sure you think about these key considerations before anything!

3. Do you Require Planning Permission? In most cases, solar panels fall under 'permitted development' and, therefore, do not need planning permission. However, if your property is a listed building, then you may need to have permission, but at Neutral Energy Solutions, we can help you with this!

4. Does your roof require repairs? It's important that your roof is structured well and suitable for additional weight, as the panels and mounts may cause pressure on the roof if it's not suitable.

5. Your Budget: How much do you want to spend on solar panels? You should do your research and compare prices online. It's important that you have a rough price that you'd like to spend.

At Neutral Energy Solutions, you can count on us to deliver affordable and cost-effective solutions for your home or business that will help you save and reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.

Get in touch with us today to find the perfect solar solution for your home and business in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset!

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