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Signs Indicating That You Require a Roof Repair

Thinking about our roofing is usually the last thing on our minds as it's difficult to tell whether it needs replacing, but generally, you should inspect your roof twice a year. Below, we have listed a few major early warning signs that may suggest you need a roof repair. 

  1. Loose roof tiles: Your roofing specialist will check your tiles to see if they're loose. They may step on them, and they'll be able to see whether these need repairs.

2.  Water Damage: If you see watermarks within your roof, it's best to get them checked, as leaving them may cause more damage and money!

3. Mould Growth: If mould and moss have grown outside your roof, the tiles could part themselves, creating a gap to let water in. It is important that you inspect your tiles for mould because the sooner you deal with this, the sooner you will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. If you have mouldy areas, then a roof replacement will be needed. 

4. Attic Leaks: If you find water inside your house, you should thoroughly inspect it. Attic leaks are commonly caused by missing tiles, broken seals and a poorly installed roof. 

5. Debris in Gutters: If granules are falling into your gutter, it could be a sign that your shingles may be declining. A few loose granules are normal, but if you see an increase, this could be a huge warning sign.

You must inspect your roof at least twice yearly to prevent unnecessary costs and repairs. At Neutral Energy Solutions, we can help businesses and households across the Southwest bring their roofs up to safe standards. We often get mistaken for only installing solar, but we can also do roof repairs!

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