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UK Government Announces New Solar Grant for Farmers

Defa Secretary, Steve Barclay has announced that the farming investment fund and farming innovation programme will receive a total of £45 million worth of funding. Under the new funding scheme, individual grants of up to £100,000 are on offer, with a total of £5 million allocated for this purpose.

The 'Improving Farm Productivity Grant' applies to farmers and horticultural businesses. The grant hopes to improve farm productivity through the use of robotic, automated equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production. Most importantly, the installation of solar equipment to increase energy resilience.

The minimum grant for solar equipment is £15,000 and the maximum grant being £100,000.

How Can I Apply?

Firstly, you should apply on the 'online checker', which is expected to open this month. The online checker will assess your eligibility, and if you're successful, you will get sent a full application form.

The research starter round 4 competition will receive £850,000, while the third round of the large R&D partnership will receive £8 million. Additionally, the improving farming productivity grant will receive £30 million, which will provide capital grants of £15,000-25,000 for solar and automatic equipment. The new grant will also fund grants of between £15,000 and £100,000 towards solar equipment, which can either fit on rooftops or float on reservoirs.

Farming with solar power can be a sustainable and cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Solar technology can be used to power farm equipment, irrigation systems, and other agricultural operations. Farmers can install solar panels on their rooftops or on unused land to generate renewable energy and offset their electricity bills.

Additionally, solar-powered water pumps can be used to irrigate crops, reducing the need for fossil fuel-powered pumps. Solar energy can also be used to power electric fences, lighting, and other equipment used in livestock farming. By using solar power, farmers can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and decrease their carbon footprint, while also lowering their operating costs and improving their profitability.

At Neutral Energy Solutions Exeter, we have completed a vast amount of solar installations for agricultural businesses across the Southwest.

For more information on this new grant, please visit GOV.UK.

If you have any enquiries, please get in touch with us on

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